Exceptional Experiences

    When you consider the number of campers and staff that want to return year after year, one might ask, just what is so special about summer camp. Well although we cannot speak for everyone, we do have a number of thoughts, consider these.

    1-You make lifelong buddies. No matter what age, everybody loves a friend. At camp your sure to find many.

    2-You experience the great outdoors. Yes, people, forests still exist! Get out there, and enjoy what Mother Nature gave us! Where else will you be able to have so much fresh air and a beautiful view to go with it?

    3-You learn new skills. This happens for absolutely everyone who goes to camp; you’re never too old to learn something new.

    4-You become more independent. “Alright, bye honey, I love you!” Does this sound familiar? That’s the sound of getting dropped off at camp. Away from Mom and Dad for a week or for the summer, how will one ever survive? Thankfully, most find a way, and at the end of camp, they find themselves a lot more independent and able to be on their own.

    5-You’ll make lifelong memories. This is one of the best things that camp could give anyone. Late night pranking with your friends, the first bull’s-eye you made and eating camp spaghetti without your hands are all events to look back on when you’re old and gray No matter how you decided to spend your days at camp, and no matter how small the event may seem, every moment counts! Maybe it’s you or maybe it’s someone you know, why not make plans for the summer of 2020 and come enjoy some exceptional experiences at CAB.

    More Masterpieces

    This past summer saw a few of our cabins get a new look. The artistic talents of our teen campers and staff will be admired by all for years to come. Thanks team!

    Quite the Treat

    Our sincere thanks goes out to our local S.Q. who graciously came to show off a brand new state of the art police cruiser. The campers loved it and we are happy to report that  no one got arrested.

    Mother Nature Strikes

    With fierce winds often comes property damage. We recently had a huge pine tree snap and land on the roof of the director’s cabin. Although the tree has been removed and no one was hurt,  the repairs to the cabin and electrical wires will have to wait until the spring. Needless to say we are always on the lookout for skilled labourers who can help out with the different projects that keep popping up or falling down.