Temporarily closed.

    A Silent Summer

    At this time of year CAB is usually buzzing with the sounds of campers laughing, splashing and shouting as they enjoy all the daily activities that help them burn off their excess energy. Sadly because of COVID 19, those sounds are noticeably absent this year as summer camps in Quebec have not been allowed to open. As we try to make the best of a bad situation, we have decided to use this time to do some much-needed work around the camp to help prepare it for what we hope will be a great summer in 2021 as we anticipate the return of all our campers, staff and yes even all the noise that comes with them. Silence isn’t always golden.

    Focused on the Future

    Someone once said “Dream big or go home”. Well for a number of years now we have been talking about and dreaming of building a much-needed new dining hall. Now it goes without saying that this is a huge undertaking for a small camp such as ours, but after much prayer and discussion the decision has been made to move forward and formulate a plan that we hope will turn that dream into reality. We are making an appeal to all our friends and supporters to please consider partnering with us in this project by donating to our building fund. We believe by the grace of God that the future summers at CAB will be as bright as they always have been for the past 72 years. As always, all donations are tax deductible and a tax receipt will be issued.

    To all our campers & staff

    To say that we miss you is an understatement. You are the ones that make this camp an amazing place year after year. Although we are not able to open this summer, please know that you all play a key role in keeping the CAB family spirit alive. Please reach out to each other and encourage one another, maybe even share some of your fondest and fun memories of your times at camp. God willing, we hope to see you all back next summer for another great adventure CAB style!

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