Temporarily closed.

COVID-19 & Camp 2021

We do recognize that for many, camp is a time to “get away from it all” and so it goes without saying that many people were disappointed that we were not able to hold camp this year. Although we all understand the need to follow the health and safety guidelines with regards to COVID 19, we along with all of you, are clinging to the hope that camping at CAB during the summer of 2021 will be possible. We encourage everyone to check our website and or Facebook page from time to time for updates on the situation. Here’s hoping!!!

A Time to Tear Down & A Time to Build Up (Ecclesiastes 3:1)

New cabins for summer 2021
Those timeless words from the scriptures are very apropos for what is on the horizon for CAB.  The vision and plans for a new Oasis / dining hall have been steadily moving forward and now thanks to the promise of a very generous donation recently, that dream could become a reality sooner rather than later.There have been many campers, staff and visitors that have enjoyed many wonderful meals and great fellowship in our Oasis, but the fact remains that in order to ensure the future success of CAB, we need to see this project come to fruition.If you are able to contribute to our building fund, please consider doing so. All donations big or small are much appreciated and a tax receipt will be issued.

The Dream Team

Each year CAB makes every effort to put together a team of staff members that will contribute to our overall goal to make our summers an experience to remember.

If you would like to be a part of our 2021 “Dream Team”, please visit our website to download and fill out the staff application. You can forward it to the camp email address below. It’s never too early to dream of an awesome summer, but we do need the team!