Welcome to Camp d’action biblique!

CAB is a Christian summer camp located in Richmond, Quebec Canada. As a ministry of the Presbyterian Church in Canada, this 62-acre camp has been in operation since 1947 and continues to offer a Christian environment where children and youth from many different backgrounds can grow in their relationship with God and with others. Proposing several different camp programs that include sports, outdoor games, music and other activities in a family-like setting, CAB is an ideal place for a unique camping experience!

    Improvements on the horizon

    We just love to see our camp grow! And part of that growth is reflected in new and improved infrastructures coming our way. The highlights? A brand-new cabin to be added on camp grounds, new tin roofs, a new dock on the way, dam repairs and the relocation of our beloved cabin 4, freeing up space for an extension to the kitchen! We thank you deeply for your time and donations. Donations are always welcome and much needed and are tax deductible; tax receipts will be issues. Once gain, a great big thanks for your generosity!

    A wave of change

    Anybody who has come through camp remembers Randy’s incredible role as camp director: from everyday camp management to important talks on his porch, spinning the wheel of submersion to teaching the
    kids the importance of banquet. From the bottom of our hearts, we want to thank him for his years with us at camp, and for his continued role as executive director.

    On that note, we welcome with excitement our beloved Katie as the new CAB summer director! Watching her grow year after year at camp has been amazing; CAB is truly blessed to have her take on the role of summer director this upcoming summer.

    The number one rule at camp is…

    … flexibility! An oldie but a goodie, one of the many things we learn when we are trained as staff at CAB. Camp spirit is high after an amazing year post-pandemic, with so many new projects in store. Ready for camp? Check out our summer 2023 schedule on our website and please see the 2023 rates in the registration form. Interested in joining the team? Staff applications are officially open; please contact us at cabqc@yahoo.ca. See you soon!